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Our school hosts an autumn fair every year. Parents bake sweets, buns, pies and pizzas. I do not really like cooking and baking – and not my forte. Therefore, for the second year in a row, my daughter brings little crocheted things. Last year it was Barbie hats.

This year, the dresses for L.O.L. dolls were sold out like hot cakes. The fair lasted more than an hour, but our dresses were dismantled in the first 5 minutes. I made only 10 pieces. This was very little.

Tiny L.O.L. dolls dress

And I decided to do a Crochet Tutorial a similar dress for LOL Surprise doll. Many little girls have at least one such doll, and the clothes that come with them are plastic.

The dress is made continuously from top to bottom. To wear it, you need to remove the head of the doll.

How to crochet tiny LOL dolls dress

Video: Tiny dress for LOL dolls


My yarn was very thin and without a label. Hook – 1,2 mm. You can take sewing thread.

Tiny L.O.L. dolls dress Crochet Chart

If you like this tutorial, I will make one more for yarn thicker.

Photo Tutorial: Tiny L.O.L. dolls dress

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  1. I want to crochet LOL Doll clothes and items. If yu write more free or begin a book for sale, please let me know! Thank you!

  2. I made it! So sweet thank you. But all the LOL dolls have gone missing. They are together somewhere so the dress is on a £shop doll! How do I post a pic?

  3. Thank you thank you for this pattern! It’s amazing and I’ve made over a dozen dresses with it for my little sister. ♥
    If you made another LOL doll clothing pattern, especially with normal yarn, that would be amazing!! 🙂


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