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You can knit using my patterns for yourself and your friends completely for free ♥

You can sell your creations made with the tutorials and patterns from this website ♥

For those who were willing to purchase my patterns – you can donate any amount as a thank you (totally optional), it is VERY motivating ♥

You can also simply purchase yarn through my referral link at the online store ICE YARN

I accept yarn donations, even leftovers ♥ I always have plenty of ideas for how to create beauty with them.

I am always thrilled to receive your likes on social media, reposts, and comments on YouTube-eng and YouTube-ru ♥. 

It’s really nice when you mention me while sharing your knitted item on Instagram ♥.

When you direct people interested in patterns to my website ♥

When you politely tell someone who posted my pattern without giving credit that it’s not okay.

Thank you to everyone who already supports me and thank you in advance to everyone who will join ♥

Sincerely, Lena Kozhukhar

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