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These leaves are very similar to my other Tutorial pattern with leaves for cowl, shawls.

Match leaves unseparated, the only difference in this pattern-when you working many rows, it turns into a rectangular fabric. You can make yourself to spring/summer scarf, shawl or curtains in the kitchen.

If you did only 1 row leaves succeed edging that you can checkout some finished product.

Well, if you working with red yarn- tape would look like hearts. Just a good pattern if you look for something for Valentine’s day. In the sequel to the Tutorial, I took another-how to continue the fabric with leaves-hearts.

Joyful all crocheting!

Video Crochet Tutorial: How To Crochet Leaf Edging


Photo tutorial: How To Crochet Leaf Edging

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Free photo and video tutorial will help you learn how to make Edging With Leaves. Share this pattern with your friends if you like it!


  1. I thank you for these beautiful creations, and for your excellent instructions. I have made several of your 3D flowers, and I will try the leaf edging next. Thank you!


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