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This cord is so beautiful and so differently looks on various yarn. I have crochet a several samples when creating this tutorial. In this pattern I use a puff stitches. I would even say – very puff. Usually I work puff stitch of 3, a maximum of 4 half double crochet. In this lace they are already 5.

Lace i-cord for Irish crochetEdging The braid with arches of 5 chains, then row with single crochets. A ready-made i-cord can be used as a foundation chain. And Imagine a scarf made of such stripes… And now imagine that all the stripes of different colors… Is not it, beauty and originality?

Video: Lace i-cord for Irish crochet


The diagram is a little bit different from how I edged it. Here it is necessary to look on the type of yarn.

Lace i-cord Crochet Chartя

Lace i-cord Crochet Chart

Symbol US Crochet term
ch  ch, chain stitch
slst  sl st, ss, slip stitch
sc  sc, single crochet
hdc  hdc, half double crochet

Photo Tutorial: Lace i-cord for Irish crochet

And some more photos with my samples.
Тесьма с косичкой крючком и пышными столбиками Тесьма для ирландского кружева Ленточное кружево крючком Косичка из пышных столбиков Вязание крючком ленточного кружева на основе шнура из пышных столбиков

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  1. I koveee this! Im trying to figure out how to do it on an established foundation ,,,


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