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Look at this unusual pattern made from regular stitches without increases or chains! This square can already be used as a coaster for a cup, or you can continue knitting and create a whole blanket. By the way, you can assemble a blanket from several of these motifs. Alternatively, you can crochet a purse or a coat.

Мотив Иллюзия узор для квадратного пледаCrochet diagram

Crochet diagram for the Illusion Motif

Explanations for the diagram:

    • We start crocheting with a magic ring (amigurumi circle).
    • We finish each row by making a slip stitch into the first stitch of the row.
    • Green single crochets with a tail are made not under the chain stitch but into the tops of the stitches from the row below. Black single crochets are made under the chain stitch.

Плотный мотив крючкомПростой квадратный мотив крючком


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