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Crocheting is not only a hobby, but an art of creating beautiful and unique things. If you are a fan of crocheting, then you should definitely try making the “Mojito” dress for your Paola Reina doll. This dress is simple, elegant, and perfect for any occasion.

Кукольное платье крючком для Paola Reina
The “Mojito” dress is crocheted using section yarn to create a vibrant and eye-catching color pattern. The recommended materials for this project are a 1.75 mm crochet hook, section yarn, and buttons for the back closure.

The dress is crocheted from the top down, with the skirt portion increasing as it goes. The pattern includes clear and colorful diagrams that will guide you every step of the way. You can choose to create the dress in any of the recommended colors, or use your own color scheme to make it unique.

The dress features a button closure on the back, allowing for easy dressing and undressing of the doll. The finished dress measures approximately 12 inches in length and is designed to fit a Paola Reina doll.

Doll height 30 cm.

Whether you’re a seasoned crocheter or a beginner, the “Mojito” dress pattern is easy to follow and fun to create. With its bright colors and comfortable fit, it’s sure to be a hit with any Paola Reina doll owner.

How to crochet the “Mojito” Dress for Paola Reina Doll


Пряжа Alize Miss Batik

So. You will need:

Yarn Alize Miss Batik (100% mercerized cotton, 280m in 50g) very, very little (color 3713 or any other of your choice).

Hook 1,75 mm

About 4-5 cm Velcro tape for fastening or a few small buttons.

In this masterclass, I focused more on the crochet charts rather than detailed instructions such as “put the hook here, make a couple of stitches there, and so on.” So, I apologize for those who cannot read crochet charts and highly recommend mastering this essential skill.

Symbols in crochet patterns (US)

US Crochet term Обозначение
ch  ch, chain stitch  в.п., воздушная петля, петля, цепочка из петель
slst  sl st, ss, slip stitch  соединительная или слепая петля
sc  sc, single crochet  СБН, столбик без накида
dc  dc, double crochet  ССН, столбик с накидом
2 dc in 1 st  2 dc in 1 st  2 столбика с накидом с общим основанием
dc2tog  dc2tog, double crochet 2 together  2 столбика с накидом с общей вершиной
2 dc cluster  2 dc cluster  2 столбика с накидом с общей вершиной из одной точки (кластер)
fpdc  FPdc, Front Post double crochet  лицевой (выпуклый) рельефный столбик с одним накидом
ch-3 picot  ch-3 picot, picot  пико из трех петель

Одежда для кукол своими руками. Платье крючком.

We’ll crochet the bottom of the dress with the “Tulips” pattern, and it will gradually widen. By the way, you can make the dress shorter or longer, it’s up to you and your favorite doll.

Вязание платья для куклы Паола Рейна, МК и схемы.

All about the sizes and measurements of the Paola Reina doll – here.

Платье из секционной пряжи для куклы крючком.
Your Paola Reina doll will look stunning in this crochet dress “Mojito”. Get creative by using different colors of sectional yarn to make your dress stand out. If you are a beginner, don’t hesitate to give it a try, the instructions are easy to follow, and you’ll be amazed at your final product.

Crocheted “Mojito” Dress for Paola Reina Doll: photos with description

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