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Wonderful craftsman Norminha very much likes to work amazing crochet borders. Her blog – just a bottomless well of inspiration. Its border with butterflies has already become my inspiration for creating a shawl “Moon Butterflies“.

I was asked to make a Tutorial of this edging.

Video:Crochet Butterfly Edging

Border with butterfly for tablecloths from blog zwet.ru

How to Crochet the Butterfly Edging

So, now we will crochet a piece of border with butterflies. Such a borfer does not fit in length, but in width. Butterflies work along the edge of a fillet mesh (dc, ch 2). After, separately, you need to make cords from the 25-30 ch, which we will band the chains inside the butterflies, thus forming a body and antennae.

I recommend working from thin yarn, then the crochet border will look like a gentle and very delicate work. But you can try and work with a thicker yarn, for example, a children’s blanket.

Crochet Chart for Butterfly Edging

Crochet Chart for Butterfly Edging

Symbol US Crochet term
ch  ch, chain stitch
sc  sc, single crochet
dc  dc, double crochet

Photo Tutorial: How to Crochet the Butterfly Edging

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  1. I just love everything you are crocheting, Thank you for all the directions to make all these beautiful crocheting, Thank you so Much.
    I am from New York


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