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Crocheted lace panama hat is a perfect summertime accessory for anyone who wants to look chic while staying cool. This delicate and intricately designed hat is made using a crochet hook to create a delicate, open-weave pattern that is sure to turn heads.

The pattern for the crocheted lace panama hat can be easily customized to fit any head size or style preference. The delicate lacework creates a charming and airy texture that is perfect for hot summer days. If desired, you can crochet sturdy panels that will provide the necessary protection from the sun.

I present the corrected master class on crochetting the Amaranth beanie. Last time, I made a couple of visual mistakes that could have confused many people. Here’s what our beanie looked like last time:

Ажурная шапочка крючком Амарант

In the current tutorial there are some improvements and everything seems to be in place. Also, the good news is that I have drawn a diagram!

The step-by-step tutorial is still being edited, but the diagrams are ready to be embodied! .


  • Yarn IceYarns Cakes Ombre
    • Fiber Content : 50% Cotton, 50% Acrylic
    • Weight : 150 gr. / 5.29 oz. per ball
    • Length : 600 m. / 656 yds. per ball
  • Hook 3 mm and 3,5 mm.

Step-by-step tutorial


You can use any type of yarn. First, we create the foundation of the hat by knitting a circle with a size equal to the circumference of the head divided by 3.14.

The great thing about the pattern is the rows with double crochet stitches. These rows allow you to adjust the size of the hat. The pattern consists of six stitches, and you can increase the size by adding another six stitches.

If the foundation is too bit, you can adjust the size by adding rows with single crochet stitches.

Crochet the circle with increases, which forms the foundation, and then continue with the pattern until you reach the desired depth of the hat.

Crochet pattern. Hat bottom.

Схема донышка для летней шапочки крючком

US Crochet term Обозначение
ch  ch, chain stitch  в.п., воздушная петля, петля, цепочка из петель
dc2tog  dc2tog, double crochet 2 together  2 столбика с накидом с общей вершиной
slst  sl st, ss, slip stitch  соединительная или слепая петля
sc  sc, single crochet  СБН, столбик без накида
dc  dc, double crochet  ССН, столбик с накидом
2 dc cluster  2 dc cluster  2 столбика с накидом с общей вершиной из одной точки (кластер)

Full bottom scheme (without transitions)

Схема вязания донышка для ажурной шапочки крючком

After crochetting two repeats in height, the bottom looks like this

Маленькая салфетка, донышко для шапочки крючком

We measure the resulting circle and if the diameter is suitable, we crochet the pattern without any increases. If it’s still too small, we continue until the next row of double crochets and making 6 increases in it.

Pattern scheme without increases in the round (with transitions)

Схема узора для шапочки амарант

Master class on crochetting a pattern in the round here – TULIP PATTERN

Летняя шапочка крючком ажурная

Панамка крючком с мотивамиПанама летняя крючком

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