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When I made the Tutorial on the well-known pattern “Scales” or “Crocodile Stitch” and even then I thought, what can we do, how to crochet the triangular form fabric. Today I show it, but instead of scales we have butterflies or bows, who as more like it.

The principle of in both patterns are one and the same: first working frames, then crochet butterflies on them. The only difference in the frame that for butterflies we do 3 treble crochet (tr): 1 tr for one wing, 1 tr for butterfly body, 1 tr for the second wing.

For the scales at the frame only 2 tr. You can be work tr instead dc on wings and in frame work chain 4 to triangle is expanded more faster.

Both Crochet Stitches pattern much easier than they look.

So is crochet with fun!

Video: Crochet Dandee Butterfly Crochet Stitch


Photo Tutorial: How to Crochet Dandee Butterfly Crochet Stitch

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