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An openwork pattern for your shawl or scarf. These are acacia flowers on the crocchet mesh.

Crochet shawl «Acacia»

Choose the yarn for the shawl from which you will get beautiful puffy stitches. For example, Alize Real 40 or mohair.

From dark blue yarn I tried work puffy stitches not into the top of the dc, but in the chains around. This is an option.
How To Crochet «Acacia» shawlette«Acacia» shawlette Photo Tutorial: Crochet shawl «Acacia» Photo Tutorial: Crochet shawl «Acacia»

Video: How To Crochet «Acacia» shawl

Acacia Shawl Crochet Chart

Acacia Shawl Crochet Chart

SymbolUS Crochet term
ch ch, chain stitch
slst sl st, ss, slip stitch
sc sc, single crochet
dc dc, double crochet
puff stitch puff stitch of 3 hdc

Pattern for the working from the center of the wide side
Acacia Shawl Crochet Chart

The chart where the flowers are less common

Acacia Shawl Crochet Chart

Crochet with fun!

Photo Tutorial: Crochet shawl «Acacia»


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