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Diagonal treble crochet stitch

Diagonal treble crochet stitch

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The pattern consists of two repetitive rows, so it will be very nice to look at multi-colored stripes. With that, no matter what row you start with another color – even or odd.

This pattern can be a little easier if you make dc instead of tr and if you make in the arches two dc instead three.

Interestingly looks wrong side pattern – squares. Still, it looks like wrong side.

So, crochet with fun!

Video: Diagonal treble crochet stitch pattern Tutorial. English subtitles are available

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One more pattern photo:Узор Косые столбики

Diagonal treble crochet stitch chart

Diagonal treble crochet stitch chart

US Crochet term Обозначение
ch  ch, chain stitch  в.п., воздушная петля, петля, цепочка из петель
sc  sc, single crochet  СБН, столбик без накида
dc  dc, double crochet  ССН, столбик с накидом
tr  tr, treble crochet  СС2Н или С2Н, столбик с двумя накидами

Photo tutorial Diagonal treble crochet stitch pattern

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