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In this article, i present a delightful crochet pattern for a top-down raglan featuring a charming leaf-like motif, reminiscent of bunny ears.

To start the square raglan, chain 4*(N*15+12) stitches. Or 2*(N*15+12) + 2*(M*15+12) for a rectangle form, where N and M represent the number of pattern repeats (the rapport).

For example: 

  • Square → 4*(3*15+12) = 228 ch;
  • Rectangle → 2*(3*15+12) + 2*(2*15+12) = 114 (back and front) + 84 (sleeves) = 198 ch.

Detailed crochet charts are provided to guide you through each step. See the crochet terms table.

This pattern is perfect for those looking to create a stylish and unique garment with a touch of whimsy. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or a novice, i encourage you to unleash your creativity and enjoy the process of crafting something beautiful.

Happy crafting!

Crochet chart 1

Crochet chart 2
Crochet Raglan

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