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In search of ideas for the My Tutorials, I tend to patterns with puff stitches. I already have 2 similar Tutorials (Only in Russian yet): Узор с пышными трилистниками and Узор пышные трилистники.

But this time we will have a shawl! The shawl is very, very simple to crochet. Only 2 repeating rows. I want to note that in the pattern the right side is not the one where our puff stitches are. It is not so embossed and the puff stitches stick out to the other side.

Below there is a scheme for a blanket.

Lush Tulip Shawlи

Shawl is obtained from the shape of a rectangular triangle. Comes from the bottom. The pattern is a cozy and warm.

Video: Easy flower pattern for a shawl

Yarn and hook select to your taste and color. It looks more beautiful when the yarn is a few folds. Let it be 2-3 thin threads, then the puff stitches look generally magical!

Lush Tulip Shawl Crochet Chart

Lush Tulip Shawl Crochet Chart

Symbol US Crochet term
ch  ch, chain stitch
sc  sc, single crochet
dc  dc, double crochet
puff stitch  puff stitch of 3 hdc

Узор для шали с пышными столбиками
Crochet Chart for a blanket
Crochet Chart for a blanket

Photo Tutorial: Pretty and easy flower shawl

And one more photo for dessert:
Very pretty and easy flower pattern for a shawl

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