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This two-color 3D flower can become a highlight in any children’s attire, be it hat, a light sundress or blouse warm.

Mix and match the yarn color to your taste and you will receive your own unique crocheted 3D flower.

Crochet with fun!

Video tutorial how to crochet 3D flower. English subtitles are available

Photo tutorial how to crochet 3D flower

Аdd Ellej’s 3D Flower in your ravelry projectsprojects.

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  1. The written instructions are written at the bottom of the picture as the tutorial plays. I hope that helps you.

  2. No….that doesn’t help. I want to be able to print and carry the written instructions with me in the car for a long trip. Why not a pdf of the instructions??

  3. Your pictorial instructions are Wonderful!!! I crochet with international diagram instructions, versus written instructions.
    A picure is worth a thousand words.. Thank You So Much!!!


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