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In this pattern there are only two repeating rows, and I really, really love it, because such patterns can be crochet with two colors yarn without cutting the thread. Just knit two rows of each color, and the transitions are all on one side of the fabric. They can then be beautifully hidden under the edging and here’s to you a wonderful blanket in a stroller, a rug or a hat!
Turkish Crochet Stitch #3

Chain (ch) a multiple of 5 plus 1.
Turkish Crochet Stitch

Video: Turkish Crochet Stitch Pattern #3

Turkish Stitch Crochet Chart

Turkish Stitch Pattern Crochet Chart

US Crochet term
ch  ch, chain stitch
sc  sc, single crochet
hdc  hdc, half double crochet
dc  dc, double crochet
3 dc in 1 st  3 dc in 1 st
4 dc in 1 st  4 dc in 1 st
puff stitch  puff stitch of 3 hdc

Photo Tutorial: Turkish Stitch Pattern

And a couple of pictures of the pattern.Turkish Crochet Stitch Turkish Crochet Stitch

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  1. Beautiful design. Video is easy to understand and the graph answers any questions. Thank you for offering it free.


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