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There are many variations of wavy crocheting patterns that we often use to create children’s blankets, cardigans, blouses and tops. You can learn how to crochet by the example of this one. 

I tested both a new wavy embossed pattern and a new yarn for myself.

Simple Relief Wave Crochet StitchIn the Tutorial, I started a pattern from a row of tr’s, but I think it’s better to start with a row of sc’s. As you wish.

Still this pattern is beautiful, if you work it in 2 rows of different colors. Change the color at the beginning of the row which is all of treble crochets.

You can try to replace tr with dc, or try to change the number of tr. This pattern – interesting mathematical task. And a wonderful result for any changes!

Crochet with Fun!

Video: Simple Relief Wave Stitch


Relief Wave Crochet Chart

Relief Wave Crochet Chart

SymbolUS Crochet term
ch ch, chain stitch
tr tr, treble crochet
fpsc FPsc, Front Post single crochet

Photo Tutorial: Easy Relief Wave Crochet Stitch

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