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Today I will show How to Crochet Jasmine or Star Stitch Pattern in Rounds.

РУССКАЯ ВЕРСИЯ When working this pattern, we get a barely noticeable seam, which is shifted to the left from row to row.

In the tutorial I will show 2 options like starting each row. In the first variant, the seam should go spirally to the right, the second option – the seam goes to the left.

And if you alternate them (one row – the first option, the second row – the second option), then the seam will always be in its place.

Crochet with fun!

Video: How to crochet Jasmine or Star stitch pattern in rounds

Star Stitch Pattern Crochet Chart

Star Stitch Pattern Crochet Chart

Photo Tutorial: Jasmine or Star crochet stitch in rounds

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  1. I love the way you made the tutorial, it is very easy to understand. Thank You! How is the star stitch worked in rows? Is it the same as in rounds, except for joining?
    Thanks Again for your thorough tutorial!


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