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Today I will show How to Crochet Jasmine or Star Stitch Pattern in Rounds.

РУССКАЯ ВЕРСИЯ When working this pattern, we get a barely noticeable seam, which is shifted to the left from row to row.

In the tutorial I will show 2 options like starting each row. In the first variant, the seam should go spirally to the right, the second option – the seam goes to the left.

And if you alternate them (one row – the first option, the second row – the second option), then the seam will always be in its place.

Crochet with fun!

Video: How to crochet Jasmine or Star stitch pattern in rounds

Star Stitch Pattern Crochet Chart

Star Stitch Pattern Crochet Chart


Photo Tutorial: Jasmine or Star crochet stitch in rounds


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