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Long time ago I have been asked to help understand the diagram of this pattern. I forgot about it, but I was reminded that it would be good to do Photo Tutorial.

This Crochet Stitch is simple, just 2 duplicate rows. On the right side will be row with groups of 3 dc.

Foundation Chain a multiple of chain 3 + chain 1. In the even-numbered rows instead of 2 dc together possible crochet puff stitch. I seems that waistcoat made with exactly crochet stitch. And I think even to adapt the pattern for hats, should turn out beautifully.

Crochet with fun!

Video Tutorial: Intricate Crochet Stitch


Intricate Crochet Stitch Chart

Intricate Crochet Stitch Symbol Diagram

SymbolUS Crochet term
ch ch, chain stitch
sc sc, single crochet
dc dc, double crochet
3 dc in 1 st 3 dc in 1 st
2 dc cluster 2 dc cluster

The Crochet stitch I called Intricate, as it is known in the Internet. Miraculous crochet waistcoat. Photo from the magazine. If you know where it is from, please tell me.

Фото жилеточки связанной этим узорчиком

Photo tutorial: Intricate Crochet Stitch

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