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I really like to find an interesting scheme and make crochet sample. I have a magazine Doublet, that’s where I met this crochet flower pattern.

I very well read the crochet symbol charts, but even I did not immediately have the right kind of desired drawing pattern. But then I succeeded, and the flowers became like flowers.

Earlier I had already shown one floral pattern (only Russian yet), but it is denser because of the larger number of stitches on the petals, but the principle of crocheting is very similar.

Crochet with fun!

Video: Crochet pattern with intersecting flowers

Intersecting Flowers Crochet Stitch Chart

Intersecting Flowers Crochet Stitch Symbol Diagram

Symbol US Crochet term
ch  ch, chain stitch
sc  sc, single crochet
dc  dc, double crochet
2 dc cluster  2 dc cluster

Photo Tutorial: Crochet pattern with intersecting flowers

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