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This sphere can be created from any pentagonal motifs.

You can select the openwork motifs and make empty ball without filler. Then insert balloon inside to inflate. Starch and get ball for Christmas tree or openwork Easter egg.

Crochet anti-stress ball

I used to work it thin cotton thread of different colors and hook No. 2. It consists of 12-th pentagonal identical motifs and geometry is called a dodecahedron.

The ball dodecahedron

Video Crochet Tutorial: Anti-stress ball


Charts for pentagonal motif

Pentagonal motif symbol diagram

Symbol US Crochet term
ch  ch, chain stitch
slst  sl st, slip stitch
ring  Magic Ring
sc  sc, single crochet
hdc  hdc, half double crochet

In order to make it clearer what and how we connect, I drew 3 diagrams. Choose to whom what more convenient.

Location of motifs scheme Two Flower Location of motifs scheme Flower

Location of motifs scheme

In fact the order is very simple-form flower with 5-petals, then in adds next motifs to this flower. Alternatively, you can work all 12 motives separately, and then sew or join with hook.

Such a flourish to take hands on yourself or the baby. 🙂 and yet such balls are not scared to throw on each other, even if you have a crystal chandelier and expensive TV on the wall.

Photo tutorial: Crochet anti-stress ball

Аdd Crochet anti-stress ball in your ravelry projectsprojects.

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