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Heart Strings

Кайма из сердечек

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I love all sorts of cute crochet things! Most of all, I admire them, but do not. But when I met the dance of hearts, fantasy began to move in search of, where do these hearts can be applied.

I met them on the site with a description in English. I read, I thought, tried and worked slightly differently. By original description of my hearts folded into an arc. I wanted to be an even row, so you can use ready-made i-cord, as edging of hearts or bracelet. And if you sew a little button to the first heart, and then make chain after last loop, you get a cool ribbon for cup-gift.

By the way, this a very good idea on Valentine’s Day- make the Heart Strings and tie it a gift.

All I wish love hearts and joyful crocheting!

You can use any leftover yarn and a matching hook size.

Video Crochet Tutorial: Heart Strings

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Heart Strings Cart

Схема Тесьмы-каймы из сердечек

Symbol US Crochet term
start  Start
ch  ch, chain stitch
slst  sl st, sleep stitch
sc  sc, single crochet
hdc  hdc, half double crochet
dc  dc, double crochet
2 dc in 1 st  2 dc in 1 st

Photo tutorial: Crochet Heart Strings

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