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Corner to Corner Crochet (C2C) • Entrelac

Corner to Corner Crochet (C2C) • Entrelac

This pattern similar as the technique of entrelac interlocking strips, as in basket. I've already shown how to crochet square colorful motif, but lately...
"Scarlet Sky" Baby Puff Stitch Hat

“Scarlet Sky” Baby Puff Stitch Hat

Cosy and very pretty Hat for one girl for a photo shoot. This hat crochet from soft acrylic yarn. Lining I did not, because...
Ellej's 3D Flower

Ellej’s 3D Flower

This two-color 3D flower can become a highlight in any children's attire, be it hat, a light sundress or blouse warm. Mix and match the...
Triads Crochet Stitch

Triads Crochet Stitch

Yes, this pattern is very similar to the pattern Garlic, which I recently shared. And yet it is a completely different pattern. Very gentle...

Diagonal treble crochet stitch

The pattern consists of two repetitive rows, so it will be very nice to look at multi-colored stripes. With that, no matter what row...
Clover stitch. Unseparated crochet.

Clover stitch. Unseparated crochet.

I already have a Tutorial on Unseparated Crochet Flat Flowers. Since then, I took all the difficulties its making and remade a new one. This...